Str. Facliei nr. 2A
Oradea - Romania
(+4) 0359 196 222

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Welcome home !

At LivingIn ApartHotel, you feel like home. Wheter if you are in holidays or in delegations, and looking for the comfort from your home, LivingIn ApartHotel is the perfect place.

Situated in Oradea, we offer you the elegance and the confort of an appartment, in the hotel regim. Our advantages are the spacious and elegant suites, equipped with all the facilities you need, including a complete kitchen, large garages and a friendly staff, always at your disposal.

Moreover, the price for renting an apartment is the same for renting a room in a hotel, in return you get much more comfort! As a plus, the apartment can be rented in single regime.

For example, LivingIn ApartHotel is a great alternative for those who are in delegations, they can bring the whole family here, and even their company pets. As a plus, during their stay here, they will have a luxurious apartment with all necessary at a price comparable to a hotel room.